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adapter ring 100 for attaching 100mm dia fitting accessories to lens ring

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adapter ring 100 for attaching 100mm dia fitting accessories to lens ring

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Product Name Price Qty
Adapter Ring 125/M40.5
Adapter Ring 100/Rear Lens 60.2mm
Adapter Ring 100/M72
Adapter Ring 100/M77 S08056
Adapter Ring 100/M58 S08053
Adapter Ring 100+125/M95
Cap for Adapter Ring 100
Adapter Ring 100/M85
Adapter Ring 100/M86
adapter ring M62X0.75
Adapter Ring 100/M40.5 S08050
Adapter Ring 100/M72 R
Adapter Ring 100/M55
Adapter Ring 100/M67 S08055
Adapter Ring 100/M49 S08051

Quick Overview

Lens Adapter Rings 547.81.xxx A Lens Adapter Ring is used for attaching Sinar accessories such as an LC Shutter or a lens hood mask and it is screwed into the filter thread on the front of the lens. The inside diameter of the adapter ring is defined by the lens that is being used, its outer diameter conforms to the Sinar p3 standard dimension of 100 mm. Lens Adapter Rings are available for filter thread sizes from M40.5 to M95.


adaptor or adapter ring with 100mm external diameter for attaching 100mm dia fitting accessories to lens with this adaptor ring that comes in a range of sizes to fit with the different diameter internal ring fitting on the lens. A full range of adaptors are available to fit every type of lens It is recommended that all lenses are purchased with an adaptor ring and a cap for adapter ring (which fits all adapter rings) to fit the adaptor ring which protects the lens better and makes all the lenses directly interchangeable with the lc shutter, ctm shutter, filter holders etc from the 100mm fitting range

ordering information:-

Cap for Lens Adapter Ring 100 547.81.002 
Adapter Ring 125/M100  547.81.019 
Adapter Ring 125/M105  547.81.020 
Adapter Ring 125/M112  547.81.024 
Adapter Ring 125/M40.5  547.81.035 
Adapter Ring 125/M49  547.81.036 
Adapter Ring 125/M52  547.81.037 
Adapter Ring 125/M58  547.81.038 
Adapter Ring 125/M67  547.81.039 
Adapter Ring 125/M77  547.81.040 
Adapter Ring 125/M82  547.81.041 
Adapter Ring 100+125/M95  547.81.043 
Adapter Ring 125/M55  547.81.044 
Adapter Ring 125/M72  547.81.045 
Adapter Ring 125/M85  547.81.046 
Adapter Ring 125/M62  547.81.047 
Adapter Ring 100/M40.5  547.81.050 
Adapter Ring 100/M49  547.81.051 
Adapter Ring 100/M52  547.81.052 
Adapter Ring 100/M58  547.81.053 
Adapter Ring 100/M62  547.81.054 
Adapter Ring 100/M67  547.81.055 
Adapter Ring 100/M77  547.81.056 
Adapter Ring 100/M82  547.81.057 
Adapter Ring 100/M86  547.81.058 
Adapter Ring 100/M55  547.81.060 
Adapter Ring 100/M72  547.81.061 
Adapter Ring 100/M85  547.81.062 
Adapter Ring 100/M72 R  547.81.066 
Adapter Ring 100/Hasselblad 50  547.81.069 
Adapter Ring 100/Hasselblad 60  547.81.070 
Adapter Ring 100/Rollei  547.81.071 
Adapter Ring 100/Hasselblad 70  547.81.072 
Adapter Ring 100/Rear Lens 40.2mm  547.81.579 
Adapter Ring 100/Rear Lens 60.2mm  547.81.587 
Adapter Ring 100/Rear Lens 80.2mm  547.81.595 

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