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Colour Consultancy

Colour workflow is increasingly being identified as the essential key to developing a cost efficient production environment, with increased reproducible colour quality, in an era where the clients of the graphics arts industry continually seek better quality and cost savings.

Proofing and colour management have played a major role in putting Image2output firmly on the map of graphic arts industry. Through many years of involvement in digital photography, scanning, digital proofing, soft-proofing, pre-press workflow, computer-to-plate and digital printing, we have accumulated vast amount of knowledge and expertise in controlling the colour through every step of the production process.

Our colour knowledge crossed the boundaries of individual products and manufacturers. On many occasions we have undertaken complex colour management  projects, based around the modern principles of ICC and other widely accepted industry standards, and helped corporate, print, design and photographic clients take control and responsibility for colour in-house.

From calibrating individual monitors and desktop proofing devices, through creating highly specialised, customised media profiles for wide-format display and signage printers, to managing colour in cross-platform / cross-plant environment, with diverse wide-format printing presses, Image2output is perfectly positioned to either offer consultancy services on your behalf, or empower you with tools and knowledge to embrace control of colour yourself.

In addition, in our experience, tightening the colour behaviour of individual pieces of equipment (printers, monitors etc.) is not enough to ensure predictable output. Inconsistencies, more often than not, arise from lack of attention to how colour behaviour is set-up in the usual graphics applications, used to originate, manipulate and communicate colour information.

From how to set up "Color Preferences" in PhotoShop, to understanding the behaviour of (and differences between) assigning, embedding, assuming and converting between colour profiles and working spaces.

Essential part of our activity therefore focuses on discussing your colour workflow, and as a result, recommending the correct settings for Adobe applications, as well as recommending the working practices related to communicating colour, both in house and with external suppliers and clients.