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Emerald E12  Series Ink 1L  degassed bags

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Emerald E12 Series Ink 1L degassed bags

Product Code: Emerald E12 1L bags

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Maintenance Fluid 1L bottle for S10, E10, E12 inks
Emerald E12 ERP-N Black 1L Bag
Emerald E12 ERP-N CYAN (R) 1L Bag
Emerald E12 ERP-N Light Cyan 1L Bag
Emerald E12 ERP-N Magenta (R) 1L Bag
Emerald E12 ERP-N Light Black 1L Bag
Emerald E12 ERP-N Yellow 1L Bag

Quick Overview

TRUeco - no hazardous air pollutants - fast drying

For all Epson print heads (DX-4/5/6/7).
Almost no smell, good scratch-resistance, very low maintenance, Xi-rated. Printers:
SIGNRACER 138+/162+/163x, Mutoh ValueJet, Mutoh 
Rockhopper II/III, Mutoh Spitfire, Blizzard, Roland Printers erp

1 Litre Degassed bags - bulk systems - 1L bottles
440 ml cartridges - Premium cartridge technology

C - M - Y - K - LC - LM - LB

Degassed Ink


*For the correct colour configuration for your machine, please contact support@image2output.com.True-ECO for Roland/Mimaki/Mutohwith 100% compatiblity with Roland Ecosolmaxx and Mutoh Ecoultra for EPSON DX4-DX7 print heads NON HAPS . Available in different forms including one litre degassed bags.
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Emerald E12 is a premium Environment Responsible Product (ERP) ink, available in our unique 440ml cartridges as well as degassed bags and bottles. This ink has been designed for optimum use in Epson DX4 and DX5 print heads, as used in printers such as Mimaki JV5 and Roland RS640. 
The Emerald E12 offers a greener solution for those who are committed to preserving the environment, as the volatile vapours emanating from this ink formulation are not classified as hazardous air polluting substances. 
The Emerald E12 cartridges have been redesigned with unique features, which enhance the functionality of the cartridge, setting it apart from all other products currently on the market. This ink offers the highest level of press stability, ensuring uninterrupted printing for extended periods with very low maintenance requirements, thereby increasing productivity.
Emerald E12 ink also offers the excellent media compatibility across a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates. This is due mainly to the ink chemistry, which consistently controls the placement of the drop on the media, thereby allowing for repeatable images from one substrate to the next. 
The Emerald E12 series ink is particularly suited to images requiring photorealistic finishes, as the images will have minimal satellite formations even at higher carriage speeds. 
The ink conversions from the original Eco/HS inks are quick and seamless with no flushing required in the change procedure.
Only the most robust pigment chemistries are used to formulate the Emerald E12 series ink, thereby ensuring the best possible outdoor durability together with an extended colour gamut.
Emerald E12 combines the best possible image quality with the most reliable and consistent printing, roll after roll. 
The Emerald E12 series ink is designed using the highest quality raw materials and process methods. Provided the inks are used in regular applications, using suitable substrates, the printed images will not fade unduly for at least two years. NUtec inks are tested for light fastness according to the ISO 11341 specification, using Avery 1005 self-adhesive cast vinyl substrate. 
The Emerald E12 series ink has a shelf life of 18 months. 
The Emerald E12 series ink is designed for printers using the EpsonTM DX4 and DX5 print head technologies, as used in the Mimaki JV5 and Roland RS640 printers.


Description 1 L. bottle 1 L. bag 440 ml. cartridge w.o. chip Label
Emerald E12 ERP-N  CYAN (R)  920002001 920003001 930000021 F621.1060
Emerald E12 ERP-N  MAGENTA (R)  920002002 920003002 930000022 F621.1061
Emerald E12 ERP-N  YELLOW 920002003 920003003 930000023 F621.1062
Emerald E12 ERP-N  BLACK 920002004 920003004 930000024 F621.1063
Emerald E12 ERP-N  LC 920002005 920003005 930000025 F621.1064
Emerald E12 ERP-N  LM 920002006 920003006 930000026 F621.1065
Emerald E12 ERP-N  LIGHT BLACK   920003007 930000027  
Emerald E12 - ORANGE 920002008      
Emerald E12 - GREEN 920002009      
Maintenance MF  - FL.FLUID w.o.Cyclohex. 920001007     F611.1005


*For the correct colour configuration for your machine, please contact support@image2output.com.

*For the conversion of your machine, please see inkjet conversion support information.

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