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LC Shutter 100

Product Code: 551.65.020

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Sinar LC Shutter: for a perfect Live image even with intense light conditions. Here you will find everything about it.

ShutterWhy use a Sinar LC Shutter ?

For a perfect Live image, even with intense light conditions. The Sinar LC shutter (Liquid Crystal Shutter) is an exclusive Sinar product for use in combination with Sinar digital backs for achieving the best possible live image quality.

The Live image via the LC shutter is clearly superior to a Live image controlled by software. It converts the computer monitor into a large-format focusing screen.


The Sinar LC Shutter 100 can be used on any Sinar p3 and Sinar f3 line of cameras and on any Sinar 4x5" view camera together with any Sinarback - except the Sinarback eMotion and the Sinarback eSprit models - to achieve a Live image with an outstanding quality, even with intense light conditions.

The Sinar LC shutter is mounted on the front of a lens with the auxiliary of a Lens adapter ring that fits the respective filter thread and is fixed with a hand-screw. With two additional safety-flaps the LC shutter can be secured from accidental falling off the camera in repro position.

When using Sinaron Digital CMV- or CAB-lenses the power and data cable of the LC shutter is directly plugged in the apposite socket in the lens. With other lenses this cable is plugged in the Sinarback´s adapter plate or directly in the Sinarback with the auxiliary of an extension cable.

The front of the LC shutter is equipped with a Filter-/Bellows holder accepting a bellows with a 100 mm frame, e.g. a Tapered bellows for a lens hood. A 100 x 100 x 1 mm ND filter or another type of filter can be placed in the holder as well.

  • Dimensions: 255 x 125 x 25 mm / 10 x 5 x 1"
  • Weight: 740 g
  • Cable lenght: 40 cm / 16"

Information on how to make a Bellows lens hood on a Sinar p3 when using the LC Shutter can be found on the page: Sinar p3 Accessories / Bellows Lens Hood.

547.81.043 - 066

Lens Adapter Rings are designed to be screwed into the filter-thread on the front element of a lens. They allow the mounting of accessories in front of the lens for various applications - also the Sinar LC Shutter.

And because lenses have different filter-thread diameters, an appropriate adapter ring specific to each lens must be selected. The outer [front] diameter of all adapter rings is 96 mm/3.75" and the accessories are tailored to that dimension.

  • Lens adapter rings are available with filter-thread sizes M40.5 to M95.
  • To find out the appropriate Lens adapter ring required for each Sinaron Digital lens, please refer to the linked table "Sinaron Digital Lenses".


This cable can be used to connect the Sinar LC shutter with a Sinarback or its adapter plate when bellows without electrical contacts are used or when Sinaron Digital CPL lenses are used that have no socket to connect the LC shutter directly.

Lenght: 80 cm / 2.5 ft



An LC Shutter can also be used on the Sinar m even when no Sinar p3 is involved. For the electrical connection from the LC Shutter to the Sinar m the present adapter cable is used.

This cable can also be used as an alternative to connect the Sinar LC shutter with one of the below listed Sinarback when the 14-pin socket of the adapter plate is already occupied.

This cable can be used with Sinarback 43 S/H, Sinarback 54 S/H, Sinarback 54 MC/M, and Sinarback 75 H.

Lenght: 25 cm / 10"


The LC Shutter can also be used together with the Sinar Auto aperture shutter and Sinaron Digital DB lenses on a Sinar p2 or Sinar f2.

If the lens is mounted outside the bellows in front of the Front standard, the LC Shutter is mounted, as usually, on the lens with the auxiliary of the respective Adpater ring.

When the Sinaron Digital DB lens is mounted inside of the bellows - as all focal lenghs from 28 to 150 mm are - the LC Shutter can still be used with the auxiliary of the LC Shutter/4x5" Adapter. This adapter is mounted on the front side of the Sinar Auto aperture shutter and the LC Shutter is clamped directly on the adapter´s ring.

The LC shutter is connected with the Sinarback or its adapter plate by means of the LC Shutter/Sinarback adapter cable 551.65.021.

Dimensions: 14 x 14 cm / 5.5 x 5.5"

Ring diameter: 96 mm / 3.75"

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