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The new Sinar eShutter 250 arrives!

Sinar is delighted to announce this enhanced electronic shutter model for July

 Shutter speeds up to 1/250th second for the ultimate in Studio photography

For upgrades and conversions we give a a personal service- just call our mainline or email sales@image2output.com with any queries

HP Z 6100 and HP Z 6200 ink Cartridge Low Pricing Offer

Image2Output have now added the Ink Cartridge range for the HP Z 6100 and HP Z 6200 with introductionary offers for new clients

Check out our offers on HP Ink Cartridge Pricing here alternativly for a personal service call our mainline or email sales@image2output.com with any queries

Excess Equipment Wanted

Image2Output are willing to offer cash for unwanted equipment in the pre-press, pressroom and post press segments

If you have any equipment that you don't need anymore, then contact us for a quote!

We also take back empty ink cartridges and maintenance tanks, so claim recycling credits and avoid the waste disposal.

Just call our mainline or email sales@image2output.com for equipment and cartridge collections.

Felix Schoeller proofing papers already comply with new Fogra standards

The first complete product portfolio of seven proofing papers, six of them already Fogra-certified.

Fogra’s latest announcement has put an end to the uncertainty around standards 51 and 52. And the paper to match the new standards already exists: the Felix Schoeller Group’s Digital Media Business Unit has produced the first complete portfolio of proofing papers to comply with the new Fogra standards 51 and 52. The fact that it began its research early on means that the Felix Schoeller Group has already developed proofing papers with optical brighteners that meet the new Fogra specifications. Schoeller is now pleased to offer a portfolio of six microporous resin-coated papers and a special-coated matt paper, marketed under the product name TRUST. Six of the papers have certification, the last one is in the process of being certified by Fogra.

Felix Schoeller Digital Media delivers proofing accuracy for white papers with optical brighteners

There is a strong trend in white papers with optical brighteners in the graphics and paper market. Fogra has now responded to this trend by publishing its new Fogra 51 and 52 standards. They say that profiles and characterisation data will follow soon. The Fogra 39 standard that was in use to date was designed for neutral white papers without optical brighteners, which meant it was no longer able to meet the needs of the current trend in the paper market and deliver optimum results for print and proofing jobs on the new papers. The fact that the light sources used in light boxes in the past did not include the UV parts of the spectrum meant that there were visual differences between the proofs and the final print products, depending on whether they were viewed in light boxes or in daylight. This caused problems in everyday work processes. To address this problem, adjustments were made to the light sources used in the light boxes: they now contain UV light to make it possible to differentiate between papers with and without optical brighteners. Furthermore, the conventional colour measurement M0 has been replaced by the physically correct colour measurement M1 that so many professionals had been calling for. In conjunction with colour measurement M2, the >proportion of active optical brighteners can now be determined.

Now that the new Fogra standards 51 and 52 have been published, there is an urgent demand for new proofing papers that follow the trend towards high whiteness. However, at the same time, they also have to meet the established specifications relating to high light-fastness and the outstanding ageing resistance that accompanies it, not forgetting the frequent wish for a large colour gamut. These four elements together – light box, colour measurement, Fogra standards and proofing papers – mean that the new process is complete and suitable for professional use. The Felix Schoeller Group is the first company to offer a complete portfolio of proofing papers to meet Fogra 51 and Fogra 52 specifications. Six microporous resin-coated papers and one special-coated matt paper are already able to meet the highest quality specifications for any surface:

- Fogra 51:

- Fogra 52:

o TRUST premium | Glossy 250 g/m2 | P51411

o TRUST premium | Satin 200 g/m2 | P50311

o TRUST premium | Satin 250 g/m2 | P51311

o TRUST premium | Flat Matt 200 g/m2 | P50511

o TRUST economy | Matt 150 g/m2 | J85270

o TRUST commercial | Satin 195 g/m2 | P51910

o TRUST commercial | Satin 245 g/m2 | P51210

The TRUST premium and the TRUST commercial papers already have official Fogra certification.

The TRUST economy paper is in the process of being certified. Despite the optical brighteners they contain, the premium and commercial papers have a special product structure that makes them extremely light-fast, which accounts for their excellent ageing resistance. In addition to the large colour gamut that all the papers have, TRUST premium papers are particularly suitable for reproducing spot colours. They are used for all types of proofs for offset, gravure and screen printing. Their excellent properties mean that they can easily be used as colour-liable contract proofs or as samples in packaging mock-ups, for example.

Sinar 2015 catalogue now available:

The new Sinar Catalogue PDF is released with detailed information about the Sinar systems.

The Sinar products and components for the various applications are individually explained. This comprehensive document is complete with specifications and item part numbers

Download your copy from here

September/October Promotion:

Sinar eShutter Conversions

Have 2 lenses converted into Sinar eShutter and get the Sinar eShutter Control and Bracket for free

Sinar eShutter

The Sinar eShutter system is the most modern electronic shutter solution for all size '0' professional lenses. Fast shutter speed up to 1/125 sec and a 7-blade

iris diaphragm are only 2 attractive key features. The Sinar eShutter Control – the interface between Sinar eShutter and computer – ensures the synchronization with digital backs from any supplier.

The Sinar eShutter Control Bracket is an easy-to-fix adapter for the eShutter Control to the tripod.

Sinar eShutter Control Software for Mac and Windows OS offers simple and comfortable operation of the shutter system. Additional features like

bracketing, exposure sequences, wake up signal and delay functions are selectable. Aperture is controlled in steps of 1/6, 1/3, 1⁄2, 1.

Order/book 2 eShutter Conversions latest until October 31, 2015 to get your Sinar eShutter Control and Bracket for free

Trade-in / Trade-up

mutoh Receive up to £2,600 when you trade your non-Mutoh branded wide format printer for a new Mutoh ValueJet 1324 or 1624 high performance printer. If you have a non-Mutoh brand printer now you can “Trade-up” to a brand new Mutoh ValueJet printer. Not only 
will you improve your print capability and performance but you will also receive a nice trade-up incentive as well.


Update release of Foba T-Make Software version 3.0.7 28-04-2015

Foba Imaging Software T-Make 
Quick, easy, cost-efficient: FOBA s authoring software T-Make creates animations in .swf format with one mouse click. 
TURNA s impressive  output file capture tool T-Ctrl.output is further enhanced by this software 

For registered software the latest updates can be downloaded
System requirements: OSX 10.7 / 10.8/ 10.9 /10.10 or Win 7/ 8.
This version changes:
- small bugfixes
- improvment of the standard template


Image2output at NEC Sign and Digital Display Event 24th to 26th March 2015 

  Click here to complete registration

Sinar London Open Day Invitation 4th March 2015

Image2output are pleased to invite our photography clients to demonstrations and hands on exposure to the latest Sinar studio systems

This is the oportunity to see demonstartions and get hands on with the Sinar eXact  One- and Multishot camera with File sizes 36  to 1,152 MB  

and the spectrally accurate CTM system giving unsurpased accuracy for fine art and archival image capture.

To reserve your place please call +44 (0)1707 282 710  or email news@image2output.com

The event isl being held at the Leica Camera Studio premises
27 Bruton Place
London W1J 6NQ
Phone:+44 (0) 207 629 1351
Website: http://www.leica-camera.co.uk


Ipex 2018 dates announced.

Ipex, one of the the largest printing, media and publishing event in 2014, will next take place at ExCeL, London from 19 - 24 March 2018.

Sinar p3-df optimized for Digital Photography

The new fine focus feature of the Sinar p3-df offers perfect and precise focusing with amazing high-end digital studio photography convenience. Fine focus accuracy improved by 30%

Developments in NUTEC Dye Sublimation Ink


Aquamarine 1L group.jpg

Nutec Digital Ink presented their soon to be released Aquamarine AQ-10 dye sublimation ink at FESPA Africa 2014 at Gallagher Estate, with a great response from the experienced industry attendees and exhibitors. 

Backed by many years of development and manufacturing experience,  NUtec are confident   that their upcoming range of Aquamarine AQ-10 dye sublimation inks compares to, and even surpasses, the best dye sublimation inks the industry has currently on offer. The black dye has been specially designed to be particularly dense, while the very vibrant CMY colours result in strong and colorful images. 

The Aquamarine AQ-10 is undergoing beta testing in four different countries simulating different climatic conditions, as well as various production environments.  “After successfully completing the beta testing, and assured that the product complies with our rigorous QC standards, we expect the Aquamarine AQ-10 to become commercially available to both local and international markets by November 2014”, says NUtec’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Neil Green.