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 Pressroom  Optimisation

At image2output we have high level of knowledge and expertise in the field of imaging,proofing systems,consumables,workflow software and digital printing solutions.

Our more than 20 years of experience in this field is the testimony to the fact that Image2output is ready to supply products which exceed customer expectation and ensure that our customers meet their desired objectives.

With many years of experience in the setup of proofing systems and printing plate which ultimately results in optimization of a printing press, many of our customers require control of color from a digital proofing contract proof prospective and optimisation of the press, this means that our customers expect results from the digital proof and want the printed sheets to bbe colour matched and balanced in terms of colour.
Many of our customers are profiled to the iso coated and uncoated digital proofing standards to optimize printed results to balance with the proofs.Our customers  require setup to the iso   12647 coated and uncoated printing standards, whether they are orienting on mat or caoted papers.
To achieve this requires knowledge of workflow systems an the many vaiables on a printing press that affect dot gain. 
Utilizing the techkon spectro dens instruments (of which we the exclusive UK distributor), we have a structured way of measuring printing plates and printed sheets to achieve the required results.This also requires the implantation of a working standard within the pressroom to achieve consistent results.

Apart from this, Image2output has many years of experience in dealing with the commercial and technical aspect of setup of the film product and the printing plates and most recently digital workflows and computer to plates. We deal with major manufacturers namely Kodak, Agfa and fujifilm.We are self sufficent to technically support all these products without manufacturer support and we ofcourse we have them as back up asswell.


Agfa graphics highly trained engineers have researched, developed and improved imaging technologies for decades.Their expertise have paved the way for hundreds of techical advancements that have made business more profitable and productive.



Kodak has a world class R&D based on its unique strenghts in the mterials, imaging and deposition sciences.Their breakthrough products enable customers to achieve

transformational improvments in quality, productivity and sustainabilty.