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Eizo Monitors

Eizo Nanao Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of high-end visual display products. The image quality, long-term reliability, and innovative features of EIZO monitors make them the products of choice in many financial trading rooms, back offices, hospitals, air traffic control centres, and design studios throughout the world.

EIZO ColorEdge – a lineup for entry level to professional creators

EIZO lineup of ColorEdge monitors appeals to both its traditional core of high-end graphics professionals as well as middle and entry level users requiring monitors that provide accurate colour for their creative endeavours.

The new lineup consists of three series and five models. The three series contains different feature sets, options, and price points for their intended audiences, but each retain the hallmarks common and trusted to all ColorEdge monitors such as hardware calibration, brightness uniformity, and adjusting the gamma curve of each model on the EIZO factory line before shipping.

CG Series

The new CG series will continue to be targeted at professionals in photography, prepress, video editing, post production, and other graphics fields requiring the most advanced monitors available. Common features include easy maintenance with an in-built SelfCalibration sensor, a wide colour space, bundled calibration software, ColorNavigator, and shading hood, and several preset modes for common broadcast standards. The new models include the 27″ ColorEdge CG276 and 24.1″ ColorEdge CG246.



The CG223W is ideal for pre-press, digital photography, and broadcasting. Features include a wide color gamut and hardware calibration.






With the CG243W, you’ll get outstanding color for just about any imaging task such as pre-press, digital photography, video editing, and post production. Features include a wide color gamut, IPS panel, and a DisplayPort input.





  The CG246 delivers outstanding color and performance for professionals who work with still or moving pictures. It has a wide color gamut, built-in calibration sensor, several presets for broadcast standards, and   is backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty.





Automate your calibration and spend your work hours working. The ColorEdge CG275W comes with a built-in sensor so it self-calibrates when you schedule it to – even after you’ve turned it off and called it a day.





With a built-in calibration sensor, our ColorNavigator software, patented brightness uniformity equalizer and more, the CG276 has just about everything a graphics professional could want in a monitor.





CX Series

This new series is targeted at Mid-range series for professionals, prosumers and trade schools in photography and design. It comes with a newly designed in-built SelfCorrection sensor that maintains the calibration results after the monitor has been calibrated by an external sensor. It covers most of the Adobe RGB colour space. Calibration software and shading hood are available as options. The first models in this series include the ColorEdge CX270 (27″) and ColorEdge CX240 (24.1″). 


Professionals and prosumers will find the CX240 to be a versatile monitor for photography and graphic arts with its wide color gamut, uniform brightness from corner to corner, and a built-in SelfCorrection sensor that saves you time by maintaining your color settings.





The CX270 displays brilliant color across its impressive 27-inch, 3.7 megapixel screen. Maintaining this color is now simpler than ever with the new built-in SelfCorrection sensor which automatically adjusts color settings even when the monitor is turned off.




CS Series

This series is also new to the ColorEdge lineup and is targeted at entry level users in photography and design. Like the CX series, it comes with an in-built SelfCorrection sensor, but a narrower colour space covering most of sRGB. The first CS series model is the ColorEdge CS230 (23″).


Designed for entry-level users doing photo editing and other creative work, the CS230 offers professional features of other ColorEdge monitors like automatic color adjustment with the built-in SelfCorrection sensor and optional ColorNavigator software.

The in-built SelfCalibration sensor of the CG series is carried over from past ColorEdge monitors. Housed within the front bezel, it swings out and calibrates according to the user-determined schedule. It can calibrate any time of the day, even when the connected computer has been turned off. The in-built SelfCorrection sensor of the CX and CS series is also housed within the monitors bezel. With the optional EIZO ColorNavigator software, the sensor offers easy maintenance by adjusting the monitor to a calibration result previously obtained using ColorNavigator and an external sensor.

With the CG and CX series, EIZO has added two technological innovations to improve image stability. The first is a great reduction of more than 75% from the original 30 minutes to now just seven minutes for the brightness and chromaticity to stabilise after the monitor is powered on. The other is EIZO’s DUE (digital uniformity equaliser) function which corrects uniformity errors in brightness like in previous ColorEdge monitors, but now also keeps the monitor’s colour temperature and brightness stable in an environment with fluctuating ambient temperature changes such as an outdoor photo shoot.

EIZO FlexScan – monitors for business, finance, CAD and photography

This extensive lineup of LCD monitors offers optimal performance and eco-friendly features for home and business use, financial trading and graphics applications.

FlexScan SX Series — Built for Colour Professionals

The EIZO FlexScan SX series is the preferred choice of photographers, graphic designers, motion picture editors and other professionals for whom colour reproduction is critical. The series delivers abundant features based on EIZO’s cutting-edge colour reproduction technologies, boasts advanced ergonomics, and provides easy hardware calibration with the optional EIZO EasyPIX colour matching tool.



See your creative ideas come to life on the SX2462W and in more detail then you imagined with features like a wide color gamut and 10-bit simultaneous display.






Featuring an impressive 27-inch screen, wide color gamut, and hardware calibration capability with the optional EIZO EasyPIX color matching tool, the FlexScan SX2762W makes it easy for professionals in graphic design, digital photography, CAD/CAM, and DTP to get predictable color results.




FlexScan S Series – Common sense features, uncommon quality

FlexScan S series are energy-saving and ergonomic monitors in 24.1″ and 22″ sizes with VA and TN panel technology. Designed for business use, they are also ideal for CAD and amateur digital photography.



This 16:10 aspect ratio monitor for home, business, CAD, and digital photography comes with three inputs including a DisplayPort connector and six preset modes

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