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Press Colour Control


Printflow DC expands the benefits of CIP3 compatibility (Digital Ink Preset System) and advanced closed-loop color management. Printflow DC works with scanning densitometers and spectrophotometers from Techkon and X-Rite. When scans are executed, the scan data is automatically sent to Printflow DC where it displays both the measured values and the necessary key movements to correct the color. This data is then transferred directly to the press console. The press console automatically adjusts the ink keys to enable the required colours to be achieved.



Prinflow DIPS (Digital Ink Preset System) fits almost all presses, making your press CIP3 compatible. Most printers with older presses do not have this function and their only choice is to set ink keys manually. Without CIP3 automation these presses cannot be as profitable as they could be with an ink preset system. Printflow DIPS links your prepress workflow and your press console, automatically programming ink key settings for each new job.

The DIPS package includes the hardware and software necessary for communication between prepress equipment and press consoles. Installation is simple and operator training can be done in a couple of hours. Printflow DIPS turns your older presses into a modern production workflow. And, Printflow DIPS can do the same for new or newer presses, often a costs less than OEM prices.

Image2Output provides all the necessary expertise and equipment to implement these systems

  1. Printflow Colour Control Software
  2. Printflow Connection to Press (Console)

    Printflow Connection to Press (Console)


    PrintFlow DC online Press Interface Printflow DC Press Interface secures the communication with press consoles. There are different press connection solutions for different press consoles. One solution enables both the prepress-to-press as well as the scanning densitometer-to-press connectivity. Learn More
  3. Printflow DIPS CIP3/4 Converter
  4. Printflow Ink Preset Software
  5. i1 Basic Pro 2

    i1 Basic Pro 2


    i1 Basic Pro 2 Learn More
  6. X-Rite I1Isis Xl (Eoisxl),Spectrophotometer

    X-Rite I1Isis Xl (Eoisxl),Spectrophotometer


    X-Rite i1iSis XL measuring device Learn More
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    X-Rite I1Isis A4 (Eois),Spectrophotometer

    X-Rite I1Isis A4 (Eois),Spectrophotometer


    X-Rite i1iSis A4 measuring device Learn More
  7. Techkon RS 800 Scanning Spectrophotometer


    Techkon RS 800 Scanning Spectrophotometer Learn More
  8. Spectrodense Ugra/fogra media wedge anaylsis software


    Techkon Spectrodense Ugra/fogra media wedge anaylsis software Learn More

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