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Photography, which could be defined as a art of creating images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiations has no doubt reshaped human life drastically.

Image2Output is selling one of the best known cameras made in the world which are manufactured by SInar. Sinar also as one of the most trusted premium photographic products available to professionals. Sinar in conjunction with Leica continues to develop excellent new products which are geared to the many photographic challenges at hand. Image2output fully support all Sinar, Foba and other leading edge imaging products with our trained and experienced expertise in the application of these advanced products to a very wide range of applications including architectural, archival, food and product photography. this includes diverse implementations for multispectral, wide spectrum, infrared and uv imaging

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Image The Sinar eShutter Control – the interface between Sinar eShutter and computer – ensures the synchronization with digital backs from any supplier.

The Sinar eShutter Control Bracket is an easy-to-fix adapter for the eShutter Control to the tripod.


Trade in your existing shutters for the Sinar eShutter and receive the eShutter Controller and Bracket for free

Upgrade your existing shutters (Rollei, Schneider, Copal, DB, CMV, CAB). Order 2 Sinar eShutter Lens Conversions latest until October 31 and schedule the required 2-3 weeks for their roundtrip to Switzerland in a suitable timeframe until the end of 2015.

Per set of 2 Lens Conversions into Sinar eShutter you'll get 1 eShutter Control Box & 1 eShutter Control Bracket for free. This saves 30%+. In addidtion, Sinar pays for international shipping back to your Sinar dealer.

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