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Spin & 3D Turntable systems

Photographers have developed the FOBA TURNA turntable system from practical use for photographers The product originates from the desire to put a product on the Internet as Flash or HTML animation within shortest time possible. This goal has been reached. With the FOBA turntable system TURNA, it takes less than two minutes to produce such a shooting - from when it is taken to the finished Flash / HTML file.
TURNA turntable provides high-precision, reproducible motorized rotation of the object, and is complemented by a user-friendly, intuitive control software and a highly innovative, fully automatic imaging software, which can produce uploadable 3D animations in as little as 120* seconds. The key to flexibility is modularity, and TURNA has much of it on offer. With its extensive range of creative fittings for setting up, holding or hanging objects TURNA has a solution for every type of object. All fittings are set up and dismantled quickly and easily, in the well-known FOBA manner.

Spin & 3D Turntable systems

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