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Caldera Large Format Printing Products

CALDERA is a software company with more than 20 years of experience in developing, marketing and supporting high-quality technological software for wide-format imaging with a commitment to increasing productivity, cost-efficiency and colour output.

CALDERA’s suite of award-winning, production-orientated print and print-to-cut workflow programs offers colour management, imaging and driving solutions for large and grand-format peripherals:

  • Print & Print-To-Cut Workflow for LFP
  • True Adobe PDF Workflow
  • Colour Management
  • Automated Workflow
  • Cost Management
  • LFP Business Management
  • Digital Signage

Linux and Mac OSX are the operating systems chosen by Caldera for optimal resource management and quality workflow.

  • Increased resource management: The processor and memory are optimally used for applications and not consumed by the system. With more resources allocated to them, the RIPing and PRINTing of files are naturally faster.
  • Multi-task environment: Users can print and RIP while preparing the layout, nesting, tiling, cutting or colour matching other jobs to be sent to printers.
  • User-friendly GUI: Spend less time looking for the right window and functions. Caldera’s interface has been carefully designed for optimal ergonomy. Intuitively drag and drop your jobs on the targeted printer to get the job done.
  • Master-slave architecture: Spend less time training on or manipulating different RIP’s on different machines. A single master RIP computer (Mac or PC) can manage unlimited RIP/Printing slave computer’s for scalable distributed computing over the network. One Caldera RIP will drive all the printers and cutters of your network.

Caldera VisualRIP+ / GrandRIP+

  Caldera family of RIP systems represent the ultimate production workflow solution for large-scale wide- and super-wide format print and print-to-cut applications.

Built for speed, reliability and flexibility, they represent the cutting edge of wide-format production software, supporting all popular large-format printer manufacturers. Integrated features including Tiling+ and Nest-O-Matik help you make the best use of your media, and sophisticated Step & Repeat allows you to RIP an image once for multiple print jobs. Hotfolders and drag-and-drop functionality simplify your workflow while SuperSpooler effortlessly manages multiple printers simultaneously, allowing you to switch jobs between queues with ease.

With a powerful ICC colour calibration engine and spot colour matching incorporated, plus a host of optional add-on modules to increase functionality, Caldera is the trusted RIP solution that will not only help to grow your business but will also grow with it.




Caldera CUT Solutions


For Graphtec, Summa, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland… roll cutters. VisualCut will automatically set up cut marks for the specific device it is driving and guide the machine along the document’s embedded contours. VisualCut makes even complex cutting easy with the software’s ability to manage multiple contours in one file.








For large-format flatbed cutters GrandCut generates a machine-specific file for each individual job to ensure the most precise cut.
Supporting Zund Cut Center, Zund Touch & Cut, Aristo, Multicam, Grafitroniks, OptiSCOUT, Esko, iCut and Duncan controllers… your print-to-cut workflow has never been simpler than with GrandCut.








Specifically developed for FOTOBA cutting machines, NestoBa is the evolution of Caldera’s powerful Nest-O-Matik tool, designed to save time and resources when cutting. NestOBA automatically positions your images on the media in the most efficient way for FOTOBA devices, minimizes the cutting time and maximizes profit margins in one simple step.






Caldera Cost Management Solutions


Ink & media calculation. CostProoF estimates your printing costs by calculating the ink and media consumption per PRINT job. Simply enter your ink and media purchasing costs into the system and CostProoF will accurately determine the quantities of each needed for printing the job. The costs of the job can then be displayed at RIP time before you launch the printing process and as a log information.




the world’s first carbon footprint calculator dedicated to wide-format printing: measures your production costs, measures your environmental impact. Offering a truly comprehensive overview of all the costs associated with each and every print, CostView is an essential tool for today’s increasingly competitive market. Within an easy-to-use browser interface, production managers can view jobs in the spooler in real time, monitor ink and media usage and costs, plus add additional costs automatically. CostView also analyses the environmental impact of each element of the job, from CO2 output to ink and electricity consumption.




Caldera Colour Management Solution

Caldera EasyMedia:

an integrated colour calibration and iCC profiling solution for colour management, colour calibration and profile creation. Incorporating i1Prism V2, the new X-Rite profile building engine, EasyMedia benefits from the latest state-of-the-art algorithms for enhanced colour separation and colour management within your Caldera workflow.
It includes a library of several thousand ICC profiles for all major manufacturers, but creating new profiles to match your individual needs is easy. For precise colour management, embedded profiles are detected, extracted and applied automatically, and parameters are determined according to the image, whether vector, greyscale, RGB or CMYK. Spot colours are supported and named colours are identified with full simulation of printed colours based on the output profiles.







Caldera Ink Saving Solution

Caldera InkPerformer

gives users the power to monitor and optimise their ink consumtion through multiple ink saving levels, improve environmental impact and gain significant commercial advantage over their competitors.

Caldera InkPerformer harnesses Alwan’s award-winning profiling technology within the context of the adaptable and powerful Caldera RIP engine to provide an average 20 percent and up to 35percent reduction in ink consumption across all types of wide-format production. At a time when raw materials costs, and therefore ink prices, are rising dramatically, this significant savings allows all types of wide-format digital print operations to reduce their expenditure significantly, typically achieving ROI within weeks.





Caldera Solutions for Textile Printing

Caldera EasyTextile™

gives users an opportunity to enter the Textile printing market. This solution includes two main features:

  • Pattern repetition with “Caldera Step & Repeat”
  • Colour management specific to Textile printing

The EasyTextile™ plug-ins are modules which must be installed in addition to the basic Adobe Photoshop® software package

EasyTextile™ “Step& Repeat” is an Adobe Photoshop® plug-in and controls the repetition of an image by applying a shift to them. In textile printing, pattern repetition (side by side) is not often used because it will cause numerous repetitions and an ungraceful design. This module automatizes the pattern layout by automatically optimizing positioning (pivoting, inverting..). The module then exports the information to the Caldera RIP.

In addition, the same functionality is available as Caldera Tex & Repeat option, integrated within VisualRIP+ / GrandRIP+.

EasyTextile™ “Colorations” is an Adobe Photoshop® plug-in that manages colorways, the colour schemes in which a pattern or style (of fabric, apparel, furnishings, wallpaper, etc.) is available. This plug-in gives users the ability to create for one image, multiple colorways, which enables many colour possibilities for one pattern. Printers can use this option for easily creating swatch books or printed colour samples

Flow+ Caldera Wide Format Business Workflow Solution

For the ultimate in wide-format printing workflow control, Flow+ is the first software solution to integrate fully with your Caldera RIP for the management of your entire print process from quotation to invoice:

  • Live job tracking
  • Two-way interaction with the RIP
  • Visualization of production stages
  • Stock Management
  • Sales management (quotes, invoices…)
  • File management
  • Activity reports
  • Flexibility

Incorporating a management information system (MIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and a document management system (DMS), Flow+ presents all your data in an intuitive user interface to monitor productivity and profitability simultaneously.

Whether you need to see a quick overview of your inventory, analyze your financial data or create a sales report, Flow+ is an essential tool for the most efficient and productive wide-format print businesses. Easy to use and quick to set up, Caldera’s market-leading workflow software is the wide-format print management solution your growing business can’t do without.

Flow+ benefits:

  • Reduction of the number of production errors : coherence between sales and production
  • Optimizes the workload of devices (print, cut) and other finishing
  • Improves amortization of machines
  • Increases reactivity in material purchasing
  • Optimizes the sales force’s product knowledge
  • Improves reactivity and productivity
  • Reduces sales errors (product offering construction)
  • Improves sales performance (productivity, statistics…)
  • Easy access via web-browser
  • Improves negotiation with suppliers : better prices, margins, improved EBIT

    Caldera Variable Display

    Variable Display is a digital signage solution for wide-format print producers, which integrates with digital printing output seamlessly to create point-of-sale material, retail signage, event graphics and a range of other applications.

    This solution combines the qualities of both visual PRINT communication and DYNAMIC content, bringing together two advertising universes which are traditionally treated either separately or as competitors.

    Rather than being threatened by today’s advance of display graphics in visual communication, wide-format sign and display printing companies can embrace it as a new revenue opportunity.

     Caldera’s new product is designed as an appliance with the capability to drive any type of monitor and video projectors. The Variable Display solution is practical, discreet, easy to carry, and can be hidden behind the monitor to which it is connected easily. Its user interface can be driven from any type of platform (Windows, Mac and linux) as well as from iPhone, iPad and android.


    Variable Display supports a wide variety of digital formats, including audio, video, flash animations, pictures and PDF documents. It can also be connected to the internet and harness live content streams such as websites, web radio and television stations, with all content saved as video campaigns or playlists.

    Content can be displayed on either one individual monitor or on several screens simultaneously, making it simple for users to manage and personalize the content of a fleet of monitors or video projectors.

    Main features:

    • Electronic display management
    • Multi-site capabilities
    • Simplified set-up
    • Advanced scheduling
    • Easy mounting
    • Multiple format capability
    • One click content updating
    • Drag & drop play list building
    • High-quality playback
    • Secured connectivity
    • Multi-user intuitive software
    • Real-time monitoring


    • Transportation / Transit
    • Retail
    • Banking / Finance
    • Food / Restaurant
    • Healthcare: Pharmacies, Dentists
    • Hospitality: Hotels, Bed & Breakfast
    • Outdoor Communications


    • Corporate communications
    • Entertainment
    • Advertising
    • General information networks
    • Retail TV / Employee TV
    • Electronic billboards / Digital posters
    • Education

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