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Proofing solutions

For Image2output, colour management sits at the very core of our business. Most of what we do revolves around and is built upon the foundation of our expertise in colour management.


Digital contract proofing

 Digital contract proofing is where we learned our colour management skills, almost 20 years ago, and it still remains one of our primary activities. Colour management technology has advanced immensely over the past years and now, more than ever, plays a crucial part in any graphics arts production process. It improves quality, consistency and repeatability, and reduces time-scale, wastage and costs.

 Our digital proofing solutions are based around:

- Epson Stylus Pro range of  printers,

- EFI Fiery XF RIP systems,

- specially selected range of FOGRA / ISO certified proofing papers

- Optionally complemented with X-Rite colour measuring devices (spectrophotometers)


Critical part of the system is delivered by Image2Output, creating customised media ICC profiles, to optimise the performance of the printer / paper combination, and to ensure that results conform to applicable FOGRA / ISO standards.


Soft-proofing has particularly benefited in recent years from significant advances in display panel and controlling electronics technologies. It has taken its rightful place and become more and more relevant in today's graphics arts production process.

 Set-up and used correctly, computer monitor is a powerful tool in graphics origination, design, photography and file manipulation, reducing time and costs associated with communicating colour through various stages of production process.

 At the heart of the soft-proofing system is a high-end colour management monitor, capable of displaying extremely large colour gamut and conforming to very high requirements in terms of uniformity, stability and controllability.

 For our soft-proofing systems, Image2Output relies on:

- EIZO ColorEdge range of hardware calibration LCD monitors

- complemented with X-Rite colour measuring devices

 Integration into the existing production environment, advice on how to setup industry-standard graphics arts applications to take advantage of soft-proofing and operator's colour management training are essential services that Image2output provides in order to deliver a complete soft-proofing system.

 Proofing system, like any other complex technological system, has a tendency to change its behaviour and characteristics due to variations in components, environment, circumstances, age and wear & tear. It is therefore imperative to constantly monitor its performance and take regular steps to bring it back to its desired state.

 Image2output can empower their customers to achieve this, either by supplying the tools and training to do it in-house, or providing the service on an on-going basis.