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Sapphire S20 1L Cartridge Mild Solvent for Seiko 64/100

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Sapphire S20 1L Cartridge Mild Solvent for Seiko 64/100

Product Code: Sapphire S20 Seiko Cartridge

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Product Name Price Qty
Sapphire S20 Cyan 1L Cartridge Seiko 64/100
Sapphire S20 Light Cyan 1L Cartridge Seiko 64/100
Sapphire S20 Magenta 1L Cartridge Seiko 64/100
Sapphire S20 Light Magenta 1L Cartridge Seiko 64/100
Sapphire S20 Yellow 1L Cartridge Seiko 64/100
Conversion Fluid for S10,S20, E12 seiko cartridge
Sapphire S20 Black 1L Cartridge Seiko 64/100

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Plug & Play - easy to change

A mild solvent ink for Konica-Minolta 14 pl print heads.

Seiko 64, 100 / OCE 6060, 6100 / HP 8000, 9000, 10000 

Sapphire S20 web

1 liter cartridges

C - M - Y - K - LC - LM

Sapphire S20 Specification cartridges



The Sapphire S20 is a premium print, mild solvent ink, available in one litre bottles for optimum use in Konica 14pl print heads. This ink offers very high levels of
press stability ensuring reliable printing with low maintenance and increased productivity. The Sapphire S20 ink also offers excellent media compatibility across
a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates, due mainly to the ink chemistry which consistently controls the placement of the drop on the media,
thereby giving repeatable images from one substrate to the next. The Sapphire S20 series ink is particularly suited to the highest image quality
requirements. Only the most robust pigment chemistries are used to formulate the Sapphire S20 series ink, which ensures the best possible outdoor durability
together with an extended colour gamut.


The Sapphire S20 series ink is designed using the highest quality raw materials and process methods. Provided the inks are used in regular applications, using suitable substrates, the printed images will not fade unduly for at least two years. NUtec inks are tested for light fastness according to the ISO 11341 specification, using Avery 1005 self-adhesive cast vinyl substrate.


The Sapphire S20 series ink has a shelf life of 18 months.


The Sapphire S20 series ink is designed for printers using the Konica 14pl print head technology. For more information regarding print head compatibility and conversion guidelines, please contact support@image2output.com

Ordering information

Designation 1-Lit. Cartridge with HP-chip 1-Lit. Cartridge with chip  1 L. bottle label
Sapphire S20 - CYAN 930000031 930000041 920001501  F621.1030
Sapphire S20 - MAGENTA 930000032 930000042 920001502  F621.1031
Sapphire S20 - YELLOW 930000033 930000043 920001503  F621.1032
Sapphire S20 - BLACK 930000034 930000044 920001504  F621.1033
Sapphire S20 - LIGHT CYAN 930000035 930000045 920001505  F621.1034
Sapphire S20 - LIGHT MAGENTA 930000036 930000046 920001506  F621.1035
Maintenance MF  - FL.FLUID w.o.Cyclohex. 930000038 930000047 920001007  F611.1001
Kit Maintenance Supplies Pack   920001010 1 Box  Y841.1006
Emmergency Printhead Recovery Fluid   920001100 500 ml.bottle  

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